Chicago Harbor Navy Pier-Southwall Lighthouse
Location: Site Six Channel - Replaced the API Navigation Light just North of the Islander Marina.
Building Craftsmen: Club Members
Light dedication: Planned for September 29, 2013
Sponsored by: Ginger & Norma Sundin
GPS: 34 27' 1.45"N 114 21' 44.65" W
Beacon: Red
Flash: 60 times per minute
Chicago Navy Pier
Southwall Light Replica
The first lighthouse at Chicago commenced operation near the mouth of the Chicago River in 1832. After piers were constructed at the entrance to the river, a new skeletal iron lighthouse was activated at the extremity of the North Pier on July 9, 1859. During the next decade, the North Pier was extended lakeward at different times until its end was 1,200 feet from the 1859 lighthouse. A beacon lighthouse, equipped with a sixth-order lens, was established at the outer end of the pier in 1860, and in 1881 a fog bell, struck by machinery, was erected nearby.
In 1885, a new open-frame tower was built at the end of the pier to replace the old one, and the lantern room and lens were transferred to this new tower. At the same time, the fog bell house was painted, and the elevated walkway, which allowed the keeper access to the tower in inclement weather, was repaired. In 1892, the fog bell was in operation for 414 hours.
When Chicago Harbor Lighthouse, situated near the southern end of the new breakwater, was activated on November 9, 1893, the 1859 tower was discontinued, dismantled, and parts of it incorporated into a new tower at Twin River, Wisconsin.
In 1899, a fog bell apparatus, formerly used at St. Joseph Pierhead, was repaired and placed into service at the Chicago Pierhead Range.

Location: Located at the end of a guidewall at the entrance to the Chicago River, just south of Navy Pier.
Chicago Pierhead Lighthouse
Photo courtesy U.S. Coast Guard
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