Vermilion LightHouse
This Light is operational and was dedicated on October 29, 2005.
Sponsored by: Family & Friends
Building Craftsmen: Lighthouse Volunteers
Light dedication: To the memory of George Darrow
GPS: 34 27.71' N - 114 22.13' W
Beacon flash: Red
Flash Sequence: Flashing 60 times per minute
The Vermilion Lighthouse was built in 1847 in Lake Erie. In 1859 it was rebuilt by replacing its 6th order lens with a 5th order lens. By 1877, the lighthouse was once again rebuilt. In 1893 the lighthouse moved closer to the end of the pier in Vermilion. Acetylene replaced oil in the lamp around 1919. Ten years later the lighthouse underwent more alterations. It was dismantled and replaced by and 18-foot skeletal tower. Not until 1992 was the lighthouse finally brought back to Vermilion in the form of an exact replica with the exception of a catwalk or pier. The lighthouse proudly stands in the front of the Great Lakes Historical Society, on the shore of Lake Erie, in Vermilion, Ohio.
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Our replica is located on the North West section of the Island, just East of the Split Rock Light and is replacing a exsisting navigational aid.
Vermilion Light Replica