Mount Desert Rock Dedication
Todays News Herald
Sunday, April 1, 2007

Boaters on the lake after dark should offer yet another thank-you to the Lake Havasu Lighthouse Club.

On Sunday, the club dedicated its 13th navigational light on the lake, a 19-foot replica of “The Rock,” Maine's Mount Desert Rock Light lighthouse.

The new lighthouse sits on Grass Island and is the second lighthouse the club has placed on the California side of the lake.

“This lighthouse is dedicated to my father George (York),” said Shirley Robinson who led the fundraising effort for the lighthouse.

Robinson, 84, and her younger brother Wilburn (Bill), grew up in the shadow of the Rock. Their father was the lighthouse keeper 1928-36.
The Rock' replica goes up
“We couldn't have a lighthouse built without my brother Bill here. He's my partner in crime,” Robinson said.
York celebrated his 82nd birthday at the dedication at London Bridge Beach, with club members singing “Happy Birthday” before boarding boats to see the lighthouse.

The lighthouse is on the rocks at the southern point of Grass Island, a section of Thompson Bay notorious for its shallow waters. Making it the perfect location for a lighthouse, said club president Bob Keller.

“Our purpose is to place navigational lights on the lake,” Keller said.

The club was helped by donations as well as volunteer efforts from the Devil Dogs, teens planning to join the U.S. Marine Corps. And even some effort compelled by the courts.

Because the club is a non-profit organization, it qualifies for those that serve community service.

Because of the location, crews had to deliver bags of cement via boat to a waiting mixer on the nearby shore; prepare the cement then transport to the footings. It took five yards of cement for the base.
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A 19-foot replica of "The Rock" Maine's Mount Desert Rock Lighthouse was dedicated on Grass Island on the California side of Thomppson Bay, Sunday - becoming the 13th placed by Lake Havasu Lighthouse Club.