Split Rock Lighthouse
Split Rock Replica
The orginal Split Rock Light is located on the North Shore of Lake Superior near Two Harbors Minninsota. In the early 20th century, iron ore shipments on Lake Superior doubled and redoubled. United States Steel's bulk ore carriers became "the greatest exclusive freight-carrying fleet sailing under one ownership in the world," so the demand for a new lighthouse on the lake's inhospitable North Shore was hardly surprising. A single storm on Nov. 28, 1905, damaged 29 ships, fully one third of which were the uninsured property of the steel company fleet. Two of these carriers foundered on this rocky coastline, which some called "the most dangerous piece of water in the world." A delegation led by the steamship company president descended upon Washington, D.C., and in early 1907, Congress appropriated $75,000 for a lighthouse and fog signal in the vicinity of Split Rock.

Our Replica of this Great Lakes Light is 21' Tall and is located on the North West corner of the Site Six Channel and replaced the existing Nav. Light.
The light is operational and was dedicated on January 4, 2004
Sponsored by: Neil Esmay Family
Plans By: High School VICA club.
Building Craftsmen: Neil Esmay Family & Friends
Light dedication:
GPS: 34 27.63' N - 114 22.38' W Beacon flash sequence: Red
Flash Sequence: 60 times per minute
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