Main Buffalo Light
The Main Buffalo Light is an architecturally stunning tower that sits at the entrance to the Erie Canal, and was built in 1833. The original light was deemed inadequate for the increased ship traffic entering and exiting the Buffalo River. The 66 foot tower was only active until 1914, when another breakwater light took over. That breakwater light was rammed several times by ships, and nearly destroyed by a major blow in 1958. The Main Buffalo Light was restored in the 1980's and outfitted with a replacement lens. Our replica of this light is 21' tall and located at the South entrance to the Bridgewater Channel.

The light is operational and was dedicated on October 26, 2003.
Sponsored by: Coldwell Banker the Judd Group
Building Craftsmen: Bob Keller & Club Members
Light dedication: October 26, 2003
GPS: 34 27.92' N - 114 20.75' W
Beacon flash sequence: Green - 1 second duration
Flash Sequence: 60 times per minute
Main Buffalo Replica
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