The Currituck Beach Lighthousebuilt in 1875, is 162 tall and is located 34 miles south of the Cape Henry (Virginia) Lighthouse 32 1/2 miles north-northwest of Bodie Island Lighthouse. It was the last major brick lighthouse built on the Outer Banks.

Like the other lighthouses on North Carolina's Outer Banks, this one still serves as an aid to navigation. The beacon comes on automatically every evening at dusk and ceases at dawn.
Our replica is 21 ft tall and is located at the at the South East corner of the Bridgewater Channel.
See the Currituck web site for further information
Currituck Lighthouse
Currituck Light Replica
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Our replica is operational and was dedicated on October 31, 2004
Sponsored by: Premier Material Technology Inc., of Minneapolis, MN.
Note: This Company is actually the supplier of our lighthouse beacons.
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Building Craftsmen: The tower was constructed by Joe Vitela Masonary and the lantern room was built by Neil Esmay
GPS Location: 34 27.93' N - 114 20.79' W
Beacon: Red visibility 3 nautical miles
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