Robert Manning Light
The Robert R. Manning Light is located in Empire, Michigan was established in 1991 and is the youngest lightouse in the United States. You may be asking who is Robert R. Manning and why does he have a lighthouse? According to several books Manning was a resident of Empire and a local fisherman. Every day he could get out onto the lake, he was there. He had often commented about how much a lighthouse would help him back into shore. When he passed away, his family decided to honor him by having a lighthouse created. Mr. Manning would be very proud of his family!

Our replica is located on the island at the entrance to the Crazyhorse Campground Marina.

The light is operational is 20' high and was dedicated on February 2, 2003.
Sponsored by: Crazyhorse Campgrounds
Buidling Craftsmen:
Main Tower and Lantern Room: Wayne Powell & Larry Griffen
Tower Wrapping: Gary Books - Jimmy Joe Thompson
Stucco: Derek Palosaari - Painting: Ray Lichon & Steven Matt
GPS: 34 28.24' N - 114 21.72' W
Beacon: Amber, rotating
Flash sequence: 60 times a minute
Robert Manning Light Replica
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